I Adore Dogs. I find them to be delightful subjects for portraits or whimsical compositions. Several of the dog paintings on my website are commissions for other dog lovers and some I’ve painted because I couldn’t resist. If you want your dog memorialized in a painting please contact me.

 The Southwest images were painted when I was staying in Tucson this past winter 2011. The colors there are the exact opposite of those in the Northwest. Purple, orange and turquoise appear in the light and shadow; colors seemed more vivid, and when night falls it’s like a curtain just dropped on the day.

The Truck collection was born when I came across this herd of old farm trucks in the winter of 2010. They had been towed in from farms all over eastern Washington and northern Idaho where they sat abandoned, rusted, and broken. It is this later state that drew me to them; studies in design, color, texture and character. They seemed to have stories to tell, individual personalities with toothy grins and cracked eyeglasses, just asking to be painted. Even in retirement they are intriguing pieces of art and I hope they bring a smile to your face.

The series of Palouse Landscapes was born out of my love for the seemingly endless landscape and its changeable skies. The Palouse is a place where every season is a new palette of color, a new geometry of human influence on the land and the regenerative power of the land to recreate peace and beauty as if for the first time, every time.

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